Occupational Safety and Health Group

For over 35 years, ORC's Occupational Safety and Health Group has been a unique, ongoing network of key health and safety leaders from major, multinational corporations in a wide variety of industries. Members face the same challenge: to provide safe and healthful working conditions in their organizations, and to influence others—including managers, employees, government agencies, and local communities—to work constructively toward a common safety and health objectives. The Occupational Safety and Health Group offers an array of services to assist companies operating in the United States achieve the highest levels of excellence in occupational health and safety performance.

Quarterly Meetings

At quarterly meetings, members share information and benchmark best practices with each other, and connect with representatives of federal and state regulatory agencies, and invited experts from the occupational safety and health and related fields. Quarterly meetings give company representatives an opportunity to hear presentations from experts and from their peers on diverse topics such as:

  • Innovative S&H management methods;
  • Best practices for establishing state of the art S&H management systems
  • Effective program evaluation methods and tools
  • Emerging issues that may impact your employees
  • Proposed S&H regulations and legislation

The professional relationships forged at these meetings are maintained and strengthened between meetings through unlimited telephone consulting with ORC experts, and through ORC's website and interactive bulletin board.

Professional Certification Maintenance Points

The quarterly meetings provide CSP’s, CIH’s and CHMM's with four opportunities a year to obtain certification maintenance points.

News and Updates

News and Updates are provided to the members via announcements on the ORC website as well as regular emails. They cover a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Government initiatives, standards and interpretations, and enforcement;
  • Emerging issues within various industries;
  • Global developments;
  • Relevant government policies, programs and personnel, occupational health and safety topics, legal developments, legislation, scientific studies and developments;


ORC furthers members' interests with ongoing contacts at all levels of the regulatory agencies, effective advocacy of responsible industry positions on regulatory and policy issues, and linkages with voluntary standards organizations, safety and health professional groups, and major associations. ORC prides itself on advocating responsible positions on behalf of industry. Please contact ORC if you have a specific issue that you would like to have us address on your behalf. If a number of companies have similar concerns, ORC will likely host a teleconference or webcast, or even form a task force, to help determine the direction to go.

Benchmarking Opportunities

ORC meetings provide a tremendous opportunity for benchmarking with your peers across industries. ORC also provides a forum for member companies to survey other ORC companies on issues of great interest in a timely fashion. In addition, ORC conducts regular data collections on topics such as:

  • Annual member company global safety and health performance;
  • Management Systems;
  • Perception Surveys; and
  • Safety and Health Organizational Structure

Networking Opportunities

The quarterly meetings provide many chances to network with your peers. With four meetings a year regularly attended by over 100 safety and health professionals, you will have a chance to learn about many other industries and the challenges, as well as successes they have had. Over 20 industry sectors are represented by ORC member companies.

Task Forces

Task Forces – issue-driven groups of ORC consultants, interested member companies, and occasionally outside specialists, formed to address key issues that require a collaborative action in either gathering information, formulating action, or offering proposals various regulative bodies;


One annual on-site consultant visit; Unlimited telephone and electronic access to ORC consultants on any occupational health and safety-related issue.



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