Lawyers Group

The ORC Occupational Safety and Health Lawyers Group is network of corporate in-house counsels who are responsible for managing the legal issues pertinent to occupational safety and health for their companies. The members, representing a diverse list of multinational Fortune 500 companies, attend meetings twice a year, in November and May.The Lawyers Group focuses on broad-based issues such as occupational safety and health legal trends to more specific topics such as recent developments in legislation, litigation, regulation and enforcement. Actions by Congress, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the Chemical Safety Board, the Department of Justice and the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission that impact occupational safety and health are routinely reported and discussed.

The Lawyers Group offers a unique opportunity to occupational safety and health counsels who work on similar issues and confront similar problems to discuss effective approaches and common solutions with their corporate peers.

Lawyers Group’s services:

  1. Speakers from Congress, OSHA and other government agencies that impact occupational safety and health;
  2. Legal experts from national law firms who address current trends and legal developments in occupational safety and health law;
  3. The “Roundtable Discussion,” often cited as the most valuable portion of the meetings, where members informally discuss and problem-solve issues and concerns currently confronting them in their practices;
  4. Continuing legal education credits may be earned by members who practice in states that have mandatory programs if requested by attendees.

Member benefits also include:

  1. Access to and involvement with surveys on issues important to the Lawyers Group;
  2. Participation in topical webcasts;
  3. Regular updates on the latest developments in the issue area through email notices and postings on the ORC website;
  4. A “members only” bulletin board where you can post requests for information, experiences with specific programs or policies and emerging issues of concern;
  5. Consultation on regulatory and policy issues with ORC’s experienced consulting staff.

Want to know more about the Lawyers Group?

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