Global Safety and Health Forum

The rapid integration of economies, societies, and technology around the world is creating a growing demand for companies to expand globally. This expansion presents new opportunities and challenges that require a higher level of performance in every aspect of business, including occupational safety and health. In response to this need, ORC created its  International Safety and Health Forum (ISHF) as a unique focal point for the collection and exchange of information about safety and health matters, and related environmental concerns, in the global arena.

The ISHF provides managers and directors of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment programs for companies with multi-national operations with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from each other through the exchange of experiences and ideas about effective practices in HS&E program management on a global scale as well as in specific regions and countries.

The Forum already has attracted the interest and participation of more than 50 multinational corporations. Its membership is steadily growing, reflecting the increasing value of health, safety and related environmental issues to global business. All of these features and other services provided by first-class consultants make the Global Safety and Health Forum an unmatched source for international safety, health, and related environmental information.


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