European Union HSE Forum

The EU Health, Safety, and Environmental Forum (EUHSEF) is a cross-industry Forum that addresses informational, networking, and best practice needs of corporate directors and managers of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) programs from multinational companies with operations in Europe. The Forum promotes effective safety, health, and environmental programs and practices in member companies' European operations.

EU Health, Safety, and Environmental Forum Services:

Semi-annual European Union HSE Forum Meetings, involving a growing number of large multi-national corporations (both European and U.S.-based with EU operations) and offers:

  • Presentations by key European Union officials and other noted experts about pending regulatory issues that affect the members’ operations in the EU
  • Updates on legislative and regulatory developments in the EU countries that could be of particular interest to the Forum members
  • Exchange of HSE best practices among members with facilities in the European Union
  • Opportunities to examine first-hand the operation of key EU HSE-related agencies
  • Numerous opportunities for informal benchmarking among member companies
  • Discussions about emerging issues in safety, health, and environment in the EU
  • Each meeting attendee receives a CD with all of the meeting information, including presentations, included

Semi-Anual Meetings:

The Forum’s semi-annual meetings are held in March and September. Members receive an invitation to the meetings (4-6 weeks prior to the actual meeting date), enabling them to participate in, and take advantage of, the benefits listed above.

ORC Country Profiles are an in-depth, on-line information about EH&S regulatory requirements and practices in more than 30 countries and provinces around the world. The Country Profiles offer:

  • information on HSE policies, regulations, and standards
  • identification of responsible governmental agencies and contacts
  • reviews of existing and proposed legislation
  • other vital information for understanding of country-specific HSE requirements

Since its inception, the Forum has forged partnerships with a growing number of key European Commission agencies—the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work (in Bilbao, Spain) and Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work (Luxembourg). Additionally, the Forum also has partnered with several key independent HSE operations across EU—the Central Institute for Labour Protection (Warsaw) and the Keil Center (Edinburgh). These contacts and interactions are developed during the course of the Forum’s September meetings, and are available to members who attend the semi-annual meetings. ORC has developed a series of networking tools such as an Interactive Bulletin Board and a members-only portion of the ORC website. As part of the membership, you will receive a username and a password, enabling access the various on-line networking tools provided through the ORC website.

News and Updates:

Regular emails that detail recent legislative and regulatory developments, as well as other HSE issues of potential importance to the Forum member-companies


Member companies may request at no charge a one-day annual on-site consultant visit, have unlimited telephone and electronic access to ORC consultants on any EHS issue, and our Consultants can make contact with key regulatory agency staff regarding specific occupational safety and health issues or concerns

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