Asia-Pacific HSE Service

ORC Worldwide’s Asia-Pacific Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Service helps companies located in the Asia-Pacific (AP) region respond to the rapid expansion of their businesses by supporting their growing need for HSE services there. The goal of the ORC Asia-Pacific HSE Service is to provide businesses with a superior source of knowledge, tools, advice, and hands-on assistance to help them to achieve and maintain HSE excellence in their Asia-Pacific operations. Member companies can draw on the business and technical expertise of the ORC Asia-Pacific Service to meet their specific needs as they develop, maintain, and enhance their HSE capabilities.

The service features a network of in-country HSE experts and resources who can be called on as necessary to assist its members directly, to provide consulting service recommendations, and to broker services. Members can:

  • Learn from government officials, experts and other ORC members about recent regional developments,
  • Share information, experiences and best practices among world-class companies,
  • Discuss emerging issues and benchmarking strategies and solutions

The service also provides a liaison between members and regional/country government agenices and technical and professional committees.


Membership in the Asia-Pacific HSE Service provides:

  • Three meetings per year, in addition to conference calls and Web casts as needed, that focus on areas of interest, featuring government and expert speakers and opportunities to conduct candid, confidential discussions of important HSE issues such as:
    • Best practices for HSE program implementation and management for non-US facilities
    • Effective program evaluation methods and tools
    • Emerging global and regional HSE issues that may impact your employees
    • Key legislation and proposed regulations in the region and its nations
    • Liaison between regional/country governments, technical and professionalcommittees and ORC AP HSE Service members.

Meetings are also an opportunity for members to participate in roundtable discussions of HSE issues that are of particular concern to them, as well as cultural, economic and political issues that impact the management of HSE in the AP region

In addition, members are provided with take-home meeting materials that span the Asia-Pacific, European Union, and Americas global regions.

Benchmarking opportunities

Annual global occupational safety and health performance benchmarking on injury and illness data as well as management systems implementation and perceptions of safety culture. The thrice-yearly meetings provide many chances to network with other safety and health professionals in the AP region. You will be able to learn about many other industries and the challenges, as well as successes they have had.

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