Return on Health, Safety and Environmental Investments (ROHSEI)

Return on Health, Safety and Environmental InvestmentsThe Return on Health, Safety and Environmental Investments (ROHSEI) product is a process and supporting software tool set developed for use by occupational health, safety and environmental professionals and others to provide a comprehensive look at investment decisions and to answer important questions, such as:

  • What health and safety or environmental investments should we make?
  • When should we make a particular investment?
  • Which health and safety or environmental investments create the greatest value to the organization?
  • How do we compare an operational investment decision to and HS&E decision?
  • How do we know we are doing the “right things” in the “right way”?
  • To which projects should we allocate our human resources?
  • How can we demonstrate the business value of our investment decisions?

The ROHSEI process facilitates and encourages a team approach and calculates financial metrics in a common language. It also facilitates an understanding of how change in one part of a business has an effect on the overall business. It is of great value to the HS&E professional when assessing capital and expense investment decisions such as material selections, capacity expansion, program development investment, resource allocation, training approaches and risk management strategies.

Access to ROHSEI software and training in the methodology is a service separate from the services provided with membership in ORC’s Occupational Safety, Health and Environment networks.

How to Get Access to ROHSEI

The software is available for sale as individual licensed software. Corporate –wide licensing is also available. Association with any of ORC’s networks or services is not required (although discounts are given to ORC members and companies or organizations purchasing multiple copies of the software.


For best results, ORC recommends that new users be trained in the ROHSEI methodology and software tools. ORC offers this training through periodic seminars available to individuals, on-site seminars tailored to the needs of a company or special group, and individual training provided by web and telephone.

To view a demonstration of ROHSEI, click here. For more information about ROHSEI and how to become a ROHSEI User, contact Cord Jones.

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