Sometimes a man wants his woman to be occupied with something else which he does not have. He wants a little adventure in her life, and that can be possible only if you make him jealous. These tips should teach you how.

Make him see a different woman each time:If you have been spending all your time with him, and he has gotten too comfortable with you, he will obviously feel that he is losing out by not having some fun of his own. Take a different route and make him see that other men are falling in line behind you. This should make him feel possessive and jealous.

Make him desire you – focus of your activities: Now, attempt to do the exact opposite of what he feels. Make him realize that you have grown in confidence and intellect and are now doing so much more than just amusing him. Though this should make him feel jealous, don’t overdo it.

Be diplomatic and try to ignore his jealousy:There is no point in being too open about your feelings. He will begin to think that you are dying to be with someone and have him in your life. Instead be as silky, seductive, elegant and mysterious as ever. Let him long to be the man who will see you delighting other men.

If he has been obviously pretending otherwise all along. Why should he even pretend if he is plainly playing you? So long as he is obviously faking it, why should he care? It is not worth it to chase a dog if he is not worth it. Be cool and make him see that you know the worth of your time.

Make yourself unavailable: At the other end of the spectrum – if he has been making no meaning of your relationship, but being indifferent to your needs as a couple, then assume that he is not worth your efforts anyway. Go out and date other men. He is so used to having you around that without your fun and loving presence he will not know what to think of you.

In fact, getting a nice sex toy from is a nice way to make him think about what you’re actually doing in your free time.

Get popular with his friends: His friends are as important to him as you are. Take a liking for them and get them to like you and admire you. Sooner or later he is going to feel jealous if they give you a higher priority. Been there times there is only so much that a man can take from a woman so take a little from him – just enough to make him feel possessive.

Pretend that you take too much of his extra attention: These steps are crucial to getting it done. Overtime you have found that he is taking you for granted and fawning all over you. It is time to pretend that you don’t really care! If you continue to shower him with all his attention he is going to be uncomfortable and miserable with the fact that he has lost his importance in your life.

Be disgusted with his attitude: If you see that his latest attitude is one of negativity and irRepeated ungratefulness, then you should just gun him. Tell him that you need extra attention and he is not doing it without your approval. Here’s why it tends to happen. He will know that he cannot use you like that and so he will have to find ways to increase your attention.

Have a courage to let him know that you are not okay with the way things areIf nothing seems to work, it is best to be honest and tell him how miserable you are while it is nothing short of hellish boredom and irrationally jealousy. Tell him it is time he changed his ways and how you feel in every way neglected and ignored! Let him be flustered and jump up from the Crucifix.

Have a little chat with him over a break and walk out the doorThis is a subtle way of making him aware of your growing need to be chased, yet not allowing him to assume anything! When you are in the company of others it could make him a little nervous about what to do, whether it is to leave or to stay. Be sure to let him stew a bit and don’t be too harsh in your tone!